Live Access

OneKey Live Access: Live Access to OneKey universe

For customer technologies: travel, expenses, ERP, HCP internal portals

What is OneKey Live Access?

A web based tool to view OneKey and manage the OneKey subscription accessible via any Internet browser on any device. Linked to the OneKey database located in the cloud.

  • Customer information is structured clearly to show affiliations
  • Users are able to download HCO or HCP in only 2 clicks
  • All the features are intuitive and the navigation does not require a long training

What for?

  • View data scope and whole OneKey Universe. Number of HCPs and HCOs in the subscribed population vs. OneKey
  • Visualization of the hospital hierarchy
  • Enrich current data set by downloading HCOs and HCPs; submit validation requests and trace its status
  • Monitor the OneKey Connect deliveries by package and by each record
  • Find easily an HCO or HCP that is not in the OneKey subscription. Get its Compliance ID and add the record to the connector

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