SK&A maps the shift in physician employment and influence from Providers to Healthcare Systems

Let’s take a look at the healthcare provider (HCP) employment rate in healthcare organizations in November 2011. In most states the rate is low:

Percentage of HCP Employment in November 2011​​​​​

Fast forward to March 2014, the employment picture has changed dramatically, with most states having moderate to high HCP employment rate:

Percentage of HCP Employment in March 2014​

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As more HCPs join large healthcare organizations where many decisions are centralized, individual providers are becoming less influential when it comes to purchasing and decision making. While traditional customer engagement practices might still work in states like Florida where many HCPs are operating independently, commercial teams need to take a different approach in the Midwest and Northeast where HCP employment rates are high.

Regions with moderate levels of HCP employment are likely to be in the process of consolidation. The good news is, commercial teams still have time to develop new customer engagement models and go-to-market strategies, and plan for future territory alignment.

One thing is for sure - healthcare will unequivocally move towards full consolidation to integrated health systems, and commercial teams need to rethink their targeting and engagement strategies or risk being left behind.

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