Match Append

Match Append Data Services

It is very likely your commercial healthcare provider database needs cleansing! Why? On average, 12% of physicians move, retire, pass away, or make other professional changes each year. Send us your entire database or a targeting list. We will perform a quick match against OneKey, generate and send you a report, and then you decide the data to upgrade, close data gaps, or append new data.

Clean and Enhance Your Provider Database!

Our Match Append Data Services enables you to:

  • Immediately improve the performance of your commercial activities, while reducing costs
  • Increase healthcare provider compliance
  • Expand your market by identifying new targets
  • On-board new provider profile data to improve targeting
  • Add missing phone, address and email channel information for customers and prospects

​Find out more about our database match, cleanse, email append, and other data services, as well as OneKey Data, OneKey Compliance Data, OneKey Emails and much more. Call us today at 800-258-9479!

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