IQVIA OCE Marketing Access

OneKey Certified API for IQVIA OCE Marketing

Orchestrated Customer Engagement is the next evolution in commercial excellence, delivering versatile technology, intelligent decision-making, and coordinated customer engagement. To power OCE Marketing forward, you need the very best provider name, address, phone, fax, and email information – always up-to-date, always accessible, always orchestrated. IQVIA has done all of the product integration work for you, 100 percent certified to our newest technology standards.

OCE Marketing + OneKey Helps You Drive Healthcare Forward!

Here are a few examples of what the new OneKey Certified API for OCE Marketing enables you to do:

  • Easily initialize OneKey using automatic data loading, including the import of all the right provider profile information – pulling your contacts and giving you direct access to all of their verified channel information plus hundreds of additional attributes
  • Improve dynamic targeting and segmenting of providers, delivering better campaign performance
  • Boost your email inbox placement and the provider’s user experience using OCE Marketing’s email deliverability preview
  • Accurately manage healthcare provider opt-in and opt-outs
  • Better deliver dynamic content based on provider preferences or segmentation groups using OneKey’s hundreds of additional attributes
  • Reduce or eliminate unnecessary data management and stewardship costs using OneKey’s daily update capability

​Find out more about our certified APIs, as well as OneKey Data, OneKey Best Address, OneKey Compliance Data and much more. Call us today at 800-258-9479!

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