Central Prescriber Validation

Validate a Prescriber Prescription in Real Time

Need immediate access to advanced prescriber prescription validation? The OneKey Central Prescriber Validation API is easy to integrate with any commercial business application. Utilize this latest innovation to immediately satisfy prescriber validation questions, saving you from costly prescription fines and audits.

OneKey Central Prescriber Validation is very smart, next generation API + Data Tech!

Use OneKey Central Prescriber Validation to:

  • Real-time validation of prescriber or supervising prescriber NPI and DEA credentials
  • Determine if a prescriber or supervising prescriber is on the OIG exclusions list, retired, or deceased
  • Verify if prescribers are approved to prescribe drugs for opiate treatment programs
  • Verify the prescriber’s DEA license for approval of a controlled substance being prescribed
  • Save all inquiries, allowing you to have access to detailed transaction reports of all response messages returned
  • Create customized exclusion lists

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