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Self-Service Matching using OneKey

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You need an easy-to-use, self-service match and report capability connected to the industry’s leading provider reference database – OneKey. Accurately identify and verify versus OneKey the healthcare individuals and organizations in your commercial database. Quickly match and append provider information, enriching your target list. The new OneKey Matching Service will save you time and money!

Improve Provider Data Quality through OneKey Match

Here are a few business use cases:

  • Improve data quality and accuracy
  • Match to enrich your customer records with updated profile demographic data
  • Add new insights about your customers
  • Enhance provider licensure information to improve compliance or help cross-reference provider records for IT

​Upgrade Data Quality to Improve Commercial Effectiveness

OneKey Matching Services positively contribute to:

  • CRM applications, including improved profiling, targeting and segmentation
  • Reporting projects, including assisting with the aggregation of value across providers
  • Market research programs, including improving insights through the clustering of providers
  • IT expenditures, including the reduction or elimination of unnecessary data management costs
  • Compliance initiatives, including PDMA, Aggregate Spend, Transparency, state license verification, NPI append, and much more

To learn about OneKey, as well as OneKey Healthcare Professionals Data, OneKey Healthcare Institution Data, OneKey Intelligent Data, and many other incredible capabilities, please call us at 800-258-9479!

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