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Verified Pharmacy Emails and Data Lists Available!

Achieve optimal marketing results with IQVIA’s superior pharmacy data. In today’s competitive marketplace, success in marketing to pharmacists and pharmacies starts with quality data. With IQVIA’s comprehensive, accurate pharmacy data, you get the site-level pharmacy information you need to reach pharmacy decision makers and pharmacists to maximize results.

Pharmacies are no longer just dispensaries of prescription medications; they are now major centers for the delivery of primary care services. This transformation in the healthcare landscape has created new pharmacy marketing opportunities for the pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare IT, healthcare publishing and advertising and continuing education industries.

Our pharmacy data lists and pharmacy mailing lists support your efforts to connect with this growing healthcare market through pharmacy email marketing, direct mail campaigns, phone calls, fax blasts and more.

​Want to maximize pharmacy email marketing but don’t have the resources? IQVIA offers complete email marketing services, including creative development, tracking, reporting and analytics.

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