Healthcare consulting market research

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Benefit from a high-quality, nationwide healthcare provider reference database that can support the following initiatives for consultancies, advisors and research departments.

  • Accurately analyze yours or your client’s data using an unbiased and telephone-verified data source
  • Develop plans for mergers, acquisitions and consolidation for medical sites and hospitals
  • Uncover historical benchmarks to complete business forecasts and models
  • Know provider and organizational relationships at all levels of the healthcare continuum
  • Follow technology adoption trends by brand, site specialty and other variables
  • Create new product and growth strategies; optimize sales-force size and alignment

SK&A will provide data and resources for these initiatives and others to ensure that your consulting program or research is competitive and your advice is valuable.

See the Data Live! We’ll show you the versatility of the SK&A database using Tableau data visualizations.

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