General Surgeon Mailing List

Reach specialists who diagnose and treat various diseases and earn one of the highest physician salaries. Call today: 800-258-9479 or fill out the form to the right.

SK&A’s physicians list contains 97,657 general surgeons. This list is telephone-verified every six months to ensure 100-percent list reliability. General surgeons are excellent for CME invitations, medical supplies and equipment, pharmaceuticals, CME programs, recruitment services, office needs, publication subscriptions and much more.

About general surgeons

General surgery is a specialized area of medicine that requires a broad knowledge of and familiarity with a wide range of diseases that may require surgery.

Additional ways to reach physicians:

  • Physician Home Addresses - Mail physicians at their home addresses for physician recruiting, marketing specialty products and services, and more
  • Physician Email Addresses - Available for over 1.6 million physicians
  • Physician Fax Numbers - Send urgent messages quickly with a fax broadcast
  • Clinical Trial Physicians - Target physicians who have participated in FDA-approved clinical trials

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