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Arthritis is a rheumatic disease with more than 100 types. Arthritic conditions affect joints and surrounding tissue, making it painful or impossible to carry out physical activities. About 46 million adults (22 percent), have doctor–diagnosed arthritis, and 19 million (nine percent) are limited in activity because of their arthritis. When treating arthritis, specialists help to improve or maintain function of joints, control the pain, and minimize and reduce joint damage. Methods of treatment for arthritis include medication, various types of therapies (including physical or occupational therapy, splints or joint–assistive aids, patient education and support, and weight–loss programs), and surgery.

SK&A’s list of arthritis specialists contains the contact and profiling information for more than 15,000+ rheumatologists in the United States. These arthritis specialists can be targeted by a variety of selects to help you better reach your audience. The SK&A list of rheumatologists is also telephone–verified twice per year, making it an accurate, results–oriented list. Arthritis specialist list selects include geography; doctor name and title; linking to hospital affiliation, group medical practice, and health system; number of doctors; number of exam rooms; whether medical sales reps are seen; and much more.

More ways to target physicians:

  • Physician Email Addresses – Emails now available for nearly 1.6 million physicians
  • Physician Fax Numbers – Communicate an urgent message quickly with a fax broadcast
  • Physician Home Addresses – Direct mail to physicians at their home addresses for physician recruiting or marketing specialty products and services
  • Clinical Trial Physicians – Target physicians who have participated in FDA–approved clinical trials

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